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Gigs by ebayer

I own an famous "traffic exchange" site dedicated to YT videos, i will place your video link on our system with 20k views & 70+ likes.*(i do 50k views for clients with more then 2 orders)>>READ BEFORE ORDER: Your video will get around 50 to 100 views per day until it reachs the 20k views! This is not an instant job,its a daily job!(50 views per day) No bots/proxies >100% real views!

Twitter Or YouTube Having a unique, informative, eye-catching background image can help sway people to follow you. select your color scheme and pictures I ll create awesome background. This Gig Only Twitter Or Youtube Bg gig. if you need both Pls make order additonal gig. Example : youtube.com/user/OfficialTwilightFilm

Get 350 G+ OR 500+ Facebook likes (500+ Facebook likes only for fanpages) 1. I will give 350 google plus votes to your webpage. 2.Can distribute Google+1's to maximum 5 url's 3.No BOTS USED 4. For 500+ Facebook Likes IN 24 HRS

I'm a facebook promoter, You have just created a Facebook page?No one likes to ''like'' a page with few likes.This is the solution for that, I will get you 500+ facebook fans in 12 hours. No admin access is required. I have 2 profiles with 5k friends each, I will also share your page/website or anything on my wall having 10k friends.I can do a max of 1 gig per fanpage. If you are interested in just facebook fans then check out my other gigs!!

I will add more than 10000+ real twitter followers. No Password required.. quick delivery with maximum satisfaction. I use REAL twitter accounts to follow your account, because you are actually being followed by REAL accounts so there is no risk to your account!! 100% SAFE. you can order the gig as many as times you want! 10000 (X MULTIPLIED) by number of gigs you order. . All REAL ACTIVE twitter accounts! Cheers:)

This is a cheap way for you to spread the word of your great company. You could spend $5 and I will wear your shirt, tweet about it and post on facebook. Or you could pay iwearyourshirt.com $2,000 A DAY to do the same thing; the choice is yours. I will wear the shirt once I receive it and tell everyone I see about your company. The only thing I ask is that the shirts do not contain any nudity or adult material. I will say and do whatever you want

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Or just schedule your own hours? Well now you can I will teach you a simple and easy way to make up to $2,000 an hour!!! I currently use this same method to make $600 an hour and I can't spend the money fast enough. There is no affiliate marketing, you don't even have to spend money to get started!! It is all free and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. This will be the best $5 you ever spend

If you are having trouble with selling your items on ebay I will gladly give you a lot of tips on how to sell any item on ebay. I will also send you an ebook which will aid in the ebay process. In addition to all of this included in the ebook will be a quick and easy way to make additional money on ebay. I will walk you through the steps to making you that extra money that everyone needs. If you have any questions after that I will answer them!!

I will tweet your ad, promotional links, or whatever you want for only five bucks. I have 1300 facebook friends that would love to hear about your company. This is the fastest and cheapest way to spread the word about your company.

This is a great and cheap way to promote your company. This will get a lot of traffic to your site which means more money in your pocket. You can't sell your items or earn money from advertisements with no web traffic. I also have larger packages, country specific packages, and express packages if you are interested*. Please contact me with any questions and check out my other great gigs. *The alternate packages are slightly more expensive

You need Facebook likes but don't want to give out your username and Id? Simple as the title we will get you at least 1500 "likes" for your fan page. That is less than .01 cents per like. Where else are you going to find a great deal like this. Go for it now! No Admin Required!! Give only URL! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Please Order Now

SeeMeShowOffTv.com Over 25 million hits. I will post your ad on the front page of my social networking site permanently for only $10. My site gets more than 3500 hits a day. I accept advertisement for your youtube,myspace or your website page. SeeMeShowOfftv.com Video Advertisers are welcome too for the same low price. Just send your banner or text link. We'll do the rest SeeMeShowOfftv.com

Boost your business, product or website 2 times over with this brand new •DOUBLE STRATEGY• gig! For a limited time I will do the following for *TWO* of your messages: 1) Tweet the message directly on my personal account with 33,000+ followers •&• then 2) retweet it from 2 additional accounts with 42,000+ followers combined. In total 75,000+ people will view any 2 messages you send me.

I will help you create an authentic, interactive, personal Facebook plan for your business. It includes up to 10 posting ideas. You MUST have a completed and functioning website for this gig (*English only please* (if it's not in English msg me first to see if I can help)). Once I've given you the plan, you can request clarification or examples of any idea that is confusing or unclear.

I will write whatever you want as long as it is under 600 words. I have been writing for a long time and it is a passion of mine. I love to write and I can't wait to get your story topics!! Please don't be afraid to ask any questions. Also check out all of my other great gigs!!!

I can design, print and post flyers with your web address or business in a major city in the USA. I will post them at my state's largest college with over 30,000 students. Get your Web business noticed! The flyers I post remain up for over a month at high traffic areas. I will send you the flyer I design and pictures of its posting. Best of luck in your business.

I have 19,431,835 leads for businesses in the USA. • Cost Me= $249.99 • Cost You = $10 .... •Data included: * Company Name * Company Address * City * Zip Code * Phone * Fax * Website * Contact Name *Industry * Gender! * Job Title *Sales Volume * Number of Employees . All in a professional searchable database (software included!) I'm very reliable, check out the feedback on my other gigs.Have questions? just ask. Thanks! Thanks! -Justin

TWITTER FOLLOWERS OR FACEBOOK LIKES , BEST DEAL ON FIVERSWORLD AND IN LESS THEN 48 HOURS !! Yes ! 2500 followers or 800 facebook likes in less then 48 hours! :) chose one of above and sit back while you get them in less then 48 hours :) All you need is to give me the twitter profile link or the facebook link where you need the likes, I don't even need your password :) please note that followers / likes are not real. Ready ? Place your order now!!

FACEBOOK LIKES ,FANS , BEST DEAL ON fiversworld , IN LESS THEN 48 HOURS !! get a jump start on your LIKES ! sit back and enjoy 1,100 likes in less then 48 hours :) all you need is give me the link of your page where you need the likes , I don't even need your password :) plz note that the likes r not from real users ready to order ? place your order now and I will take care of rest !