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im a professional marketer and designer with over40 businesses in my hand. im a top rated seller in many other services

Gigs by mazinhofz

i will give you my hard earned over 2 years email list of real buyers and consumers who have bought form me or actively engaged in my sites of 7000+ emails from my personal list. im a professional marketer with over 40 business in my hand and these emails have been tested many times before so they work 100%

i will translate English text into Arabic or vice versa. translation of upto 500 words is one gig and for more check my extras. im fluent in English and Arabic and i am from the holy land Jordan. For more words and translation of more words please order the extras down.

i will write for you an article upto 700 words on any topic you want promoting your business or site etc.. i will do for you a good seo optimized 700 word article. either you provide the keywords or i will whichever you want.

backlinks are the base of seo and if you have them then you site will go higher in the search engines and i will provide you here with super high quality over 100 real backlinks for your site or blog plus over 500 dofollow and nofollow backlinks maybe more as a bonus. This is a goldmine that is ready to explode for your internet marketing. These are real because they are keyword based so all i need from you is your site or blog url and keyword

i will design for you a professional high quality business card to be used for your business or company. Al you need to do is use it online or print it and make copies of it. Why not brand yourself and make yourself a business card to assist you in your business endevour or online marketing quest.

i will make you an amazing SEO blog in any topic you want in any blog site you want me to promote for you. if you want one of my choosing and i will pick the keywords for you if you need or if you have the keywords you can hand them over to me.Order your Gig now and get your page on Google now.Blogs are good for seo but you have to choose the right one and that is why i am here.Blogging is good for advertising your products online and get noticed

i will submit your site or URL to over 1,000 websites and i will give you clear cut proof of all your submissions.This is excellent for building back links. im an experienced internet marker with over 30 businesses in my hand so try me. Get traffic and get your links noticed by improving SEO instead of doing plain adverting.100% satisfaction guaranteed

i will make and submit a beautiful and professional press release for you on any topic you want . just provide me with your link or site and what is it you want me to talk about and leave the rest to me. press release is especially good for any internet marketer and as an affiliate and its good for seo.Imagine posting an ad to a popular newspaper?.This is what press release do your business

i will post your message or advertisement on my 24 Facebook fan pages with over 60,000 real fans on Facebook. i have fanpages of making money online to all sorts of retail shops etc.. so that is over 60,000 customers at the tip of your hand. i will also tweet your message to my 8000 followers on my 3 twitter accounts. No spam or illegal content just straight forward advertisement.

i will designs for you a beautiful professional Facebook cover photo for you fanpage. if you have a nice cover photo the chances of your page getting viral is better.i will do for you the exact size required by Facebook guideline for a cover photo which is 851 x 314 a professional designer and i design many things also. please check my other gigs also

i will make you a professional online ad design for your company or website.This is extremely important in online marketing and advertising as an affiliate. im an expert in log,ad,banner and footer design and im a level 1 seller here on fiverrworld. Give me your website link or any info and leave the rest to me. A real business would know the value of your own ad. I have more than 10 years experience in this field and i deliver high quality work

i will create a beautiful promotional video for you in a professional and visually appealing manner promoting your website or business or whatever you want. trust me when i say this you will not be disappointed for i am an experienced marketer and i say what i do and im the author of 2 money making marketing is a powerful tool in online marketing and what better way for advertising you brand than do a video. Google loves videos

i have over 4 books being sold at Amazon and im an expert in creating nice ebook covers. It is the cover that sells and like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.i will design for you a cover to get you going in your book promotion.A cover is good for online marketing if you plan on advertising your ebook online in places like kdp select for amazon etc..i will arrange the right size needed for amazon so you can just use it

i will design for you a beautiful banner,header or footer for your company or website.If you care about online marketing as an affiliate or a business then you know that you need a banner or ad to advertise your products that you are promoting.I have more than 10 years experience in this field and i deliver high quality work for you.

i usually do this for much more than i ask here but i am ready to do it on fiverrworld so that people can get to know my work much better as an experienced internet marketer. i will make an ad specifically for your own brand or site and exclusively just for you. This is a true Goldmine for those who know internet marketing and the power of advertising their brand as a business or an affiliate.I am an expert in internet marketing

i will design for you the best logo for your company or signature whichever you want and will send it to you via fiverrworld where you can take it and use it as your trademark. Logo is the base of online marketing and if your promoting your website having a logo is extremely important for advertising your business.

Please give me the following details accurately or i wont do the flyer or brochure for you.i need those details as soon as you order my gigs 1. subject title ( short 1 or 2 words_ 2. subtitle (optional) 3. text ( not too long about 1 paragraph or 2 at most) 4. logo is a must ( if you want me to do one then order extra for logo down in my gig) address and website 6. images (1 or more or leave it to me) that's it.