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I consider myself a computer geek and i use to say all the time that i do not have time for dreamz...just work that`s what i am.

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You will get you 100+ quality backlinks from unique domains with high PR (6-9), .com and .gov domains. I will also add RSS and ping all of them. Keep in mind this work is done manually. The proof of work will be send to you in txt file. I offer this service on other sites for $15-$25 but i sell it here for only $5, on Fiverr. Your links will be active on the sites for a good amount of time, so that your site will stay and be seen by Google for a

As a local business, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people would go to the YellowPages to find local businesses. Today people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted business recommendations. One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories.

You yill learn how to get 10000 youtube views week by week, in 14 simple ways. Learning and applying this techniques will explode your views and subscribers list in no time. You can leverage the power of video to get tons of views and fans. Use youtube as one of your main traffic sources and you will sure get success fast. Buy my gig and learn how to use youtube the proper way.

Pinterest is the current Internet darling. The rising star in the spotlight of social media marketing. You will learn how to use pinterest and another internet media vehicle, in order to make it big on the internet. These two complement each other perfectly. This is something discovered recently and you gotta now this if your into IM for real.

For this money i will teach you how to get rich online running your own exclusive websites and earn lucrative income from the same customers over and over again! You will find how to start your free or paid membership site, how to find content and members, how to get to use other marketing methods for traffic and website promotion, and other goodies.

Computers have continuously evolved and upgraded. Just by looking around, your home, your office or in public places, you would notice how great of a technology we have consummated. Now it is time to get to the next level. Be there now and make the BIG bucks. Web 3.0 technology is rising just right now. It`s time to get virtual, the real way.

for this money you will receive 1000 articles made for almost any niche you can think about. they are made in plain txt and also in html. you will be able to find any article that you will need in your campaign, site, article directory submission, or where ever you will need an article for. buy my gig and never get again frustrated about finding the right article again.

That`s right, for the amount of 25 bucks i will make you a very nice mobile site for the first MONTH. Your site will be completely mobile friendly, that means it will be more than easy to be used by your visitors. Before you buy my gig contact me in private to give you another great alternative for 1 year with FREE hosting and FREE domain. Take a look at the pictures attached to see how it will look like. Get your biz to another level in 2012.

If your into affiliate business or are serious about entering this terrain... buy this gig, or else not. So, i`ll get you access to more than 15 niches, where you will understant everything there is to know about it, and also the money received for every lead. Also you`ll get from me a case study of a fellow that made more than 20k pounds just for fun, and almost 100k pounds on the london 2012 olympics. Now how about that?

I am going to provide you a plan for your craigslist success, and not only that, but one great and very explanatory 15 minutes video, where ill show you exactly what you need to do to make the big dough. There are folks saying that you can make an easy 500 bucks per week using this step by step system. The nice stuff is that, anyone can use this to make cash, no matter they`re not from USA. Also, you will get to see real life examples.

I will give you the tools and traffics methods to use in order to make a killing with CPA offers. This technique is the new kid on the block in the CPA business so to say, and it could get fat in no time, so use it now while it`s thin and runs fast. There are guys in the market making more than 4k per campaign. Act now and buy this gig.

I will give you full access to 30 ready made headlines in psd format so that you can modify any word or number or even picure in it. Also i will give you a ready made ecover also in psd, and as a bonus, you`ll receive a ready made minisite to use it on your own in order to sell this stuff. Once you will get them from me, you will be able to use them, sell, them, give them away, do anything you want. And... when i say they`re bad-ass i mean it!

You will find from me 5 simple steps formula to get massive traffic to any affiliate offer, especially for Amazon affiliate offers. Using these techniques you will secure your top spots on Google without fear of penalties or slaps from it. A big number of folks use this to make 4 figures per month focusing just on one niche. Just imagine how much you can bank using more than one niche. I will also give you specific SEO instructions and one

For 5 bucks i will make a nice sketch of your picture, and to be sure you`ll be satisfied with my work i`ll provide up to 3 (three) models of that sketchy pic, and i`ll also save it in any format that you need. since this is done in photoshop, normally the job is going to be delivered in less than 24 hours, but i`ve put some delay to be sure i will do it on time. thanks!

That`s right, i will provide you a short tutorial and a powerpoint video in which i am going to explain you how to make good money making contests on Facebook Zynga games, like FarmVille, Texas Holdem and others, you name it. You will only need to make a simple clean site, nothing special, use one of the 2 CPA networks that i`ll recommend you, or any other that you like, sample text to use for your campaign and also how to attract leads.

check this out. since you don`t need everyday to create *.ico files, i will give a short MOVIE where you will see the simple steps you have to take in order to transform any photo file into a icon to be used on your folder/folders. save this vid on your computer for the days to come, when you will need again to make an icon.

So here`s the deal: i have a custom application made by me and a close friend of mine made for the sole purpose to find all the variations for any given keyword that you wish. this baby can return anywhere from 300 to 3000 and maybe more depending on the keyword. i will give you the results in a txt and/or csv file. so if your serious into online business and need this for any scope buy my gig.

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Just about a month or so i finished a very tiny and fine app to find my desired sites. Depending on what you search for, my app can give you up to 60 sites. I know you might say is too little, but this the lite version. I will release a Pro version this summer. Anyway this a no brainer app. What you have to do is to put up to 3 words on the "Trade" box and up to 2 in the "Area" click Search and there you go. You can access the sites directl

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First thing first... I have more than 7 years experience as a freelance web programmer! So here`s the deal, i will look at your website and give you up to 10 ways to make it better. I am talking of things like: search engine optimisation, hacking exploits, graphical changes, coding errors, useability & more. Also if i can i will try and fix these issues. I can do this job for non-english and adult websites also.

I have a license for IBP SEO tool and I can send you a customized SEO optimization report. You will get a highly detailed SEO report with at least 50 pages. Order ONLY if you have time to communicate; this is very important! What it covers: Performance/Links/Keywords, Validation, ranking & simulation, Statistical tables and tips. This report is automatically generated by the IBP software.

That`s right! For this money i`ll give you at least 50 quality backlins on sites with good reputation for 30 days. I have access to a private network where i can set your backlinks for at least 1 month. If you whish 60, 90 days or more let me know. I will be more than happy to help you. Results may be seen in 2-5 days depending on google SERPs. Make your online business rock on. Appllo 430 didn`t get that far as your site will.

Ok now, just think of this for a moment... why people would say they could give 100s of likes for your youtube video in say 2-3 days? Your not Lady Gag to get views and likes that fast right? :)) Don`t get into this king of unrealistic deals if you care about your youtube account. If your looking for realistic views and likes from real people buy this gig. Your likes to the vid will come naturally from different IPs worldwide.

You`ll thank me later for getting into this gig.Now just think about it for a moment... why people would give 10000s views for your youtube video in say 2-3 days? Your not Beyonce or Lady Gag to get views instantly :)) Don`t get into this king of unrealistic deals. If your looking for realistic views from real people buy this gig. Your views to the vid will come naturally from different IPs worldwide.

Think about it for a moment... why people would give 1000s votes on your site in say 2-3 days? Your not CNN, MTV, Daily News or other giants :) Don`t get into this king of unrealistic deals. If your looking for realistic votes buy this gig. Your votes will come naturally from different IPs worldwide. I can give you the votes just for one link though.

Best deal that you can find here, get 10000 real followers in 72 hours tops. Best Twitter followers offer. It will be real accounts so take up this best offer now in order to grow your business with Twitter.

Learn how easy it is to use JavaScript to solve real-world problems, build smarter forms, track user events (such as mouse clicks and key strokes), and design eye-catching animations. Then move on to more powerful techniques using the DOM and Ajax. 2 world-renowned authors have used their exquisite skills and in-depth knowledge of JavaScript to deliver a book that teaches JavaScript with unprecedented clarity.

If you have a Windows Mobile phone, you will know that stuff can occasionally get pretty difficult. These devices, which are basically mini-computers, have endless possibilities — and thus endless possible difficulties as well. Whether you want to (re)discover the most basic features and applications of your device, extend it with new applications and tools, or even flash a custom ROM, the Windows Mobile Guide comes to the rescue.

I don`t know if this plugin is on the market as i write this but it made my IM life much easier in the past, not a long ago so now i`m giving this to you almost for free to get the real viral traffic and enjoy social media traffic, generate traffic with simple social share like Facebook, Google +1 or twitter. Make the most of it too.

PunkerPop XML Template features an eye catching and one of a kind website template fully controlled by XML and very versatile in its setup! It gives you total freedom in the way you want to setup your pages (e.g. you can have 5 text pages and 1 contact page)! Make use however you want from the 8 available template pages and enjoy full deeplinking support! Ask me for a demo before you buy.

PunkerPop XML Template features an eye catching and one of a kind website template fully controlled by XML and very versatile in its setup! It gives you total freedom in the way you want to setup your pages (e.g. you can have 5 text pages and 1 contact page)! Make use however you want from the 8 available template pages and enjoy full deeplinking support! Ask me for a demo before you buy.

This is a package that creates a traffic-exchange site similar to LinkBucks. Once installed, you can charge advertisers for ad space. Some of that money goes to publishers, whilst keeping a profit margin for yourself. It has features for both Users and Administrator. For example you can: View Monies Earned History, Track links by ID NEW, View Clicks History, Send link to Twitter NEW, Request Payments with Paypal and Affiliates and way more.

Easily sell files on your WordPress site with PayPal. You will have features like automatic email delivery, transaction log, multiple products and 20+ currencies. You can sell PDFs, ZIPs, MP3s or any file that you want on your WordPress site. Set it and forget it. Put selling files in cruise control.

Learn how one simple method lets you find highly profitable Amazon keywords in less than 3 minutes. And save you $1000s in lost Amazon commissions. How to only choose keywords that make you money, how to choose keywords that will tank faster and still be more profitable, learn the exact methods of one tool that you can’t live without as an Amazon Affiliate and how adding one simple word to your keyword research will untag thousands of cash.

I will provide you 5 awesome tools to automate almost everything on your internet marketing endeavour, tools like affiliate link promoter, blog posting automator, directory submision, forum poster and keyword research tool... all of this with the instrctions on how to use every tool and to maximize your profits. They are made especialy to help you spend less time and earn more money.

Discover how easy it is to quickly create cash generating niche membership sites… for only the cost of domain. The rest is free. So I will show you: how to generate incredible profits, how to setup credit card processing, how to accept credit cards without a merchant account, how to automatically control user passwords and Where to find quality free content. Cool right?

Almost unseen methos to generate fast and easy more than $400 in 48 hours or so. There`s a quick presentation which will reveal how simple silly websites generate consistent and reliable free cash and how you can get one of your own running and funneling cash in no time.

The Affiliate WP Theme makes your Affiliate life easier. You will love The Affiliate WP Theme because you`ll get your hands on a theme with great desing, you will work less and sell more, the theme is fully customizable, and it works just great for any affiliate network.

The Ultimate Sales Machine shows you how to tune up and soup up virtually every part of your business by spending just an hour per week on each impact area you want to improve. Like a tennis player who hits nothing but backhands for a few hours a week to perfect his game, you can systematically improve each key area.

Learn from an AdSense Superstart in easy 7 steps how to build an arsenal of websites earning you money 24/7. This is a fail proof system that rewards you generously for the effort you put into it, easy to follow, it covers all the steps of AdSense money making process and is proven to generate a steady residual income.

You will find out how to bank up to $1500 a day in an untapped market. Trainig videos and all the necesary tools will be provided, traffic scheme and best marketing advice included.

Buy this only if your serious about your Groupon business or you really want to make the Groupon super-business. For this money i`ll give you an interview (trasnscript and audio) with one savvy internet marketer who actualy is making millions every year. By putting this strategies to work for you`ll get so many customers won’t know what to do with yourself. Only buy this if you know what Groupon is all about!

You will find out what youtube keywords to use in order to make your videos be on the first page of youtube everytime. So, you`ll get a plugin and the complete guide on how to use the plugin to maximize your youtube business. If you were searching for a youtube keyword tool than this is the place to get one for the smallest price ever. This YouTube Keyword Tool will check for competiotion using youtube API and it will will give you a OK...

I will show you the secrets of how to make dough from ready made sites. Right, ready made websites. You`ll find out how to analyze what site to buy, where buy and then sell for max profit, even how to grow a $100 to a potential $10k, how to make your seller profile sell for you, how to get positive feedback from your buyers everytime and much more. If your into flippin sites then what i have to show you is a goldmine. Don`t miss this!

I will give you the path to make easy money, at least 100 bucks in no time, if you will buy my product, which includes 5 pdf files where you will learn everything you need to know in order to make that easy money. Guru secrets inside.

I will give you access on how to use Amazon and Kindle (no need to have it) to make a good passive income without much effort. Top earners rank over $5000 per month. This will not be here forever! Act now and get this now.

I will give you a package containing 5700+ wiki sites which will allow you to create unlimited .edu, .net, .org and .com pages all auto-approved, more than great for backlinking. If you will use somewhere like 100 you will get on first page by google in 2-3 days guaranteed. PDF with instructions included on how to use the 5700+ wikis. All of them have PR 1 to 9. This is goldmine for your site(s) so don`t miss this offer.

If you are in need of Facebook likes/fans on your fanpage and don`t know how then don`t wait anymore. Send me a PM and your problem can be solved in less than 48h. I am your solution to FB fanpage promoting issue. I know how to promote your page like no other. I will get you more than 500 fans to your facebook fanpage in 3 days tops.

I will let you know the rules of succes on Following this simple strict rules you`ll be able to make more than $10000 per month with ease.