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Hi, I am wordpress plugin developer.

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[New] New [Creation Date], [Modification Date] and [Last Delivery Date] tags. [New] The Quick Selector now lets you search your list by recipient creation date, modification date and last delivery date. [Upg] Several addresses per record is now accepted when importing - as many records are added as addresses. [Chg] A confirmation dialog has been added to the 'Return Receipt' option. [Fix] It is again possible to install the Daylite plugin.

WP Robot is the most advanced Wordpress autoblogging software on the market. WP Robot, it comes with some of the most advanced features necessary for autoblogging, including the ability to cloak all affiliate links automatically and randomized post times to make your autoblogs look more natural. WP Robot can also backdate new posts in order to create to create an "illusion" of age on fresh websites.

Directory Crawler - With this powerful new feature you can get Link Directory Submitter to search all the directories in the submitter or only the directories you have submitted your website to and see if your listing has been approved or not, and if the submitter finds that your website was approved/listed then those directories will be marked in the software as approved automatically, and you will also be able to create a Snapshot HTML report.

Super Email Spider is a fast and reliable way to build targeted email lists using the web. Simply put in keywords and the spider brings you hundreds of addresses from websites found by the search engine. This is called targeted email because the harvested emails are associated with the keywords of your search; and it is targeted to a much more specific and productive audience than simply sending mass mailings to people.

Reply E-mail Automator types an E-mail response that used to take you 5 minutes in less than 3 seconds. Send your affiliate links and website URL's with ease. Reply E-mail Automator will remember them and type them for you into your E-mail, into your browser address bar, into web pages you are designing. Never spend time again trying to find just the right link to send your customer. Reply E-mail Automator remembers all of them!

HOW IT WORKS: You type your keyword into the search bar and hit the search button. The software will then go and scrape the sellers gigs from Fiverr based on that keyword. You can then mass message the customers of the sellers (people that gave feedback) offering your gig services. SETTINGS: I recommend setting max messages to maybe "20" with a delay of 90 seconds.

Automatically syndicate your content, dominate the SERPs and explode your traffic. Instantly build backlinks and HUGE surges of traffic to your blog... Automatically build DEEP one-way links to propel your blog to the top of the search engines... How to turn 10 auto-blogs into 150+ with the click of a button... AND accomplish this all on 100% autopilot...

CTR Theme (for Wordpress) makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome click-through rates (CTR). AdSense provides hands-off recurring income, but usually these sites leave a lot of money on the table by having bad designs or underoptimized ad placement. CTR Theme makes it simple to turn almost any niche into a winner in just a few seconds. Full Version.

Easy-to-use Wordpress plugin builds you profitable Clickbank minisites in less than 4 minutes - 100% guaranteed... For 100 Clickbank products, this process usually takes up to 4-5 minutes. You don't even have to wait at all. You can click the button, close your browser and CB Goliath will continue the process.

Test and Track Multiple Links From One Central Location Save More Money By Ditching Your Paid Link Tracking Memberships! Keep Partners Happy By Sharing Traffic/Profits Discover Which Of Your Sales Pages Convert The Best Track A Click All The Way From First Click To Purchase Figure Out Which Affiliate Program Is The Best Converting!

Once we had created AmaNiche we were able to fully concentrate our effords on promoting our sites and built even more sites. Over time we have improved the plugin with more features as to maximise the CTR and sales. No more wasting days or weeks on building your niche product sites.

Introducing: CB Goliath. The ONLY Clickbank affiliate minisite Wordpress plugin CB Goliath finds the products and writes the blog posts for you. Then, it uses your affiliate link to point to each product. The posts will be based on a template that is designed for high CTR (click-through rate). It will have an orange button on the right as well as a "read more" text link at the bottom of the text (you can modify the template).

Add the perfect SEO tags automatically to each of the articles you write – the exact LSI keywords Google suggests, so you can be 100% sure that Google will love your site Make on-site SEO look 100% natural, building your authority and credibility – not stuffing the same keyword again and again Extend your reach and rank for the keywords that matter in your niche, not just for the one you researched

Finally Turn Your Blogs & Sales Letters Into A Viral Machine In 2 Minutes or Less With This Viral Share Strip That All The BIG DOGS Are Using...This Non-Intrusive,Flexible Wordpress Plugin Will Allow All Pages & Posts Of Your Site To Be Shared!" "And The Best Part Is, This Plugin Is So Simple To Install & Configure That You Should Be Up And Running In No Time On A Fresh Wordpress Install!

From the creators of the celebrated BlogSense Automation Platform, we bring you WP Traffic Tools, an independent Wordpress plugin for advanced monetization at a tactical level... all at an incredibly low price. Get ready, because this software is feature rich and inspired by a strong community of top-teir marketers.

Incredible New Software to Maximize and Perfect Your On-Page SEO! Its like Having an SEO Expert Optimizing Every Page in Your Site! Using solid niche research, combined with pages optimized with this plugin, I can reliably predict how well my pages will rank before I ever press the publish button – and its 100% white hat!

Backlink Energizer is a simple to use WordPress plugin which helps to increase the visibility of your backlinks. It combines the power of link-wheels and the automation of autoblogging into one push-button process that turbo-charges your backlinking efforts.

Find hundreds of long tail keywords in under 1 minute! This tool parse the most frequently keyword of a website and calculates his percentage share. The plugin finds awesome high PR blogs where you can post your comments in seconds and get instant backlinks! The ultimate tools is our Backlinks Checkers. When you click on a link to add a comment, you can add it to the Backlink Checker.

The first mobile plugin for WordPress developed for mobile marketers. Make flawless landing pages and full fledged custom mobile sites in WordPress. Up until now, mobile landing pages in WordPress were not particularly easy to format. You could use a mobile website plugin, but specific landing pages didn’t look great.

WP Robot is the most advanced Wordpress autoblogging software on the market. WP Robot, it comes with some of the most advanced features necessary for autoblogging, including the ability to cloak all affiliate links automatically and randomized post times to make your autoblogs look more natural. WP Robot can also backdate new posts in order to create to create an "illusion" of age on fresh websites.

Here is the List of my Collection: ReadMyTweet WordPress White Label Branding Facebook WPress Viral Backup Buddy Post Notify wpLapdance 2 Geo Country Bundle Optimize Press Easy WP SEO Plugin PopUp Domination Wordpress Like Locker CodeCanyon Facebook Client 5sec Disable Formatting My related posts Codecanyon Custom Backgrounds Automatic Bonus Delivery Lightbox Evolution Wordpress File Centre WP Mobile Detector WP Auction ETC.....

With the RSS Bomber you get: Unique, SEO friendly, RSS Feeds for every post and every single page on your site The feed is created automatically when you publish the blog post or page, no manual work required! The unique feed link is automatically emailed to you - ideal for those with multiple sites, or sites which have multiple authors or auto content posted to your site. All the information you need is in one place - your inbox.