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Gigs by the1cbiz

Want a Professional Looking Splash or Capture page with Your Video (or) Capture Form? ... you've come to the right place! For only $15 I will create "just that" for you. I am skilled at web production and design. You will receive: (1) Video Splash / Capture Page Branded to you, your business or whatever you're promoting. I have hundreds of templates I can "work off of" so provide details. :-)

I'm a savvy publicist. I know social media better than the back of my hand. ~ I have over 30,000 twitter followers begging to see you, your business or brand in the SPOTLIGHT. Synopsis of What You Receive: - Minimum 50 Targeted Tweets (Often Over Deliver) - Tweets hand crafted by experienced marketer - scheduled over the course of 25-40 Days to receive optimum results, on multiple twitter accounts with real followers! Hire Me Today!

The truth is you could receive up to 10,000 backlinks. It all depends on the keyword you choose. We have special software on all of our websites that inserts your backlink for a particular keyword. All of our sites range from PR2 to PR3. For optimal results, choose Three Keyphrases that are 2-3 words each. We'll pick the best one that fits our application. Disclaimer: I do not promote MLM and/or Affiliate Programs.

One of the traffic generation tools I use, in which I'm a Founding Member of allows me to complete this gig. Must have a high quality webpage, website, splash page, capture page OR landing / sales page with no ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL paid to promote or HIGHLY controversial items / business schemes. I recommend "good branding" for you or your business on the site. I reserve the right to cancel this order with full refund for any reason.

I'm a publicist, and I'd like to assist you in getting noticed. Guaranteed Media Exposure! Whether you're a musician, in a band, own a company, self employed ... doesn't matter ... as long as you have something valuable to offer to the world, I will put "thousands of eyes on your brand in minutes." I believe in passion and a calling. You're calling is my God Given purpose! Hire me today for either a press / news release!